GTA 5 for PC release date get delayed. This should be no surprise.

News has broke that Rockstar is delaying the much anticipated PC release of GTA V. It’s moving back about 2 months. A core PC audience is up in arms, which can be expected. People are excited and rightfully so. However, let’s have a reality check on this situation. First, Rockstar has about the highest standard […]

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Peyote Locations – Where to find Peyote in GTA 5

Want to have a wacky drug induced experience in Grand Theft Auto 5? Try some peyote at some of the locations on the map. More locations to come, but for now, just go and enjoy!

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Why you should upgrade to GTA V PS4 or Xbox One or PC

There are a number of terrific additions to this next generation version of Grand Theft Auto V. You may know that there are things like greater draw distances, more traffic, and other expected goodies. Here is a breakdown of what really matters. These things are value added and should help you decide whether or not […]

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Even More New 1080P GTA V Screenshots – PS4 – Xbox One

  Excited that we are only a day away from the next generation console release? Perhaps these 1080p screenshots will hold you over while we wait this one out. Click on any image you like for the full resolution version.

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New PS4 and Xbox One – Full 1080p Screenshots

Here are some new and delightful screenshots from the 1080p next gen GTA V for PS4 and Xbox One! Enjoy. Remember to click on image for the full resolution glory!

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Still waiting on news of PC version of GTA 5

It’s a wait isn’t it? I’m sure there are more than a few people out there waiting for their beloved PC to be enabled to play a Grand Theft Auto V. Whelp, that day must be getting closer. Don’t you think? The online petition has surpassed 700,000 signatures. We’ve all enjoyed the PS3 and Xbox […]

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GTA 5 app iFruit now available on Android

The day had to happen. Now Android devices (not all of them are compatible) can enjoy the GTA V iFruit app. It’s here. The FREE #GTAV iFruit App is now available for Android: — Rockstar Games (@RockstarGames) October 28, 2013

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Is GTA 5 for next gen consoles going to be a PS4 exclusive?

Question To Ponder: Why is the Xbox One not mentioned in the leaked GTA 5 source code config file? Obviously there is one big assumption I’m making. Dare I say that Rockstar will be releasing more versions of GTA V? Dare to argue that? I’ve spent some time pondering previous leaks and rumors regarding Grand […]

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GTA 5 Invincibility Cheat – Button Codes for Xbox 360 and PS3

The #1 most wanted cheat for GTA V has been found! Invincibility is now here for you to enjoy, but with one small irritating issue. It’s on a 5 minute timer! Yep, after 5 minutes you must enter in these button codes to re-activate the invincibility cheat. Who knows, based on some comments from gamers, […]

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New details about GTA Online released by Rockstar

This is going to be insane! GTA Online is getting teased even more by Rockstar as they’ve just updated their site. It appears that the GTA community is going to have a big voice in what happens in GTA Online regarding missions, content and experience. Rockstar confirms that content updates WILL BE FREE. They say […]

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