Hottest GTA V rumors on eve of official trailer release

Let’s talk about what GTA V is going to be. It’s going to have multiple playable characters. Everyone is saying it and based on indicators, it just makes sense. Afterall, Grand Theft Auto 5 should be an evolution and having different characters to play in the same game is a real evolution. Imagine how that […]

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Pre Order GTA 5 Starts Now – October 26, 2011

Can you believe this? We can’t. In fact I don’t think anyone else has broken this story. We feel that we’re the first to report the pre order Grand Theft Auto 5 has begun. How the heck can this happen? The official trailer release isn’t even until November 2, 2011! Well whatever the case you […]

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GTA 5 is official – trailer coming November 2, 2011

Well we called it. It’s now the splash page on the Rockstar website. No, we didn’t make the image up. So there is nothing else to this day. It’s huge in that we have something solid. It also strongly indicates a Fall 2012 release date, likely in October 2012. E3 should have some amazing GTA […]

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It’s not GTA 5 buyt GTA 3 is coming to a tablet or phone near you!

There isn’t much news about GTA 5 these days, but there is some GTA news. This is amazing news! GTA 3 is being released onto the iOS and Android systems. That means your smartphone and or tablet will have Grand Theft Auto 3. How exciting is that? Pretty cool in our mind. Apparently it’s coming […]

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GTA 5 Release Date – We Think We Have It

The quest for the GTA 5 release date has been the quest of many. Rockstar has been extremely secretive about this. We’ve heard various rumors and various tweets that indicate certainly that the game is “in the works”. It has to be right? It’s one of the most anticipated video game releases on the planet. […]

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More GTA 5 Rumors

What we have this week is a website that is associated with Take-Two and the website is on the same server as other Rockstar game websites. Sure it’s evidence of something, but there is absolutely no mention of GTA in any part of the Citizen Skywatch content online so far. There is a twitter […]

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Take-Two remain tight lipped about GTA 5 release date

There was an interesting Take-Two Q&A with Strauss Zelnick regarding company losses and future plans. No, the name GTA or Grand Theft Auto was not brought up in the discussion. However, what we can tell you is that Zelnick did say there are going to be some details coming out soon about “unannounced titles” which […]

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GTA 5 in California – Kids Will Play!

There has been a court ruling in California recently that would have imposed a ban on selling violent video games to children. Nice try, but the courts said nope, not going to happen. In this case the children of California can have sleepless nights like the rest of us as we all await the GTA […]

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Sick of waiting for the GTA 5 release date and news?

To answer the question I say yes. We are for sure! The latest rumor we read is that the Official Xbox Magazine mentioned that GTA 5 news would be coming out in late summer 2011. Well that would mean within the next 3 weeks! Okay that would be rather nice! Face it. There hasn’t been […]

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GTA 5 Blog Launch!

We know that GTA 5 is coming in 2012. We also know that the leaks for GTA 5 are going to be coming fast and furious in the coming months. We also know that launching a blog will be the best way for us to keep up with the GTA trailers, screenshots and news. It’s […]

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