Sick of waiting for the GTA 5 release date and news?

To answer the question I say yes. We are for sure! The latest rumor we read is that the Official Xbox Magazine mentioned that GTA 5 news would be coming out in late summer 2011. Well that would mean within the next 3 weeks! Okay that would be rather nice!

Face it. There hasn’t been anything worthwhile come out regarding GTA 5 let alone a release date. It seems obvious that 2012 is the year. The only question that I really have right now is the life span of the current gaming consoles. If it’s a late 2012 GTA 5 release date then does it make sense? I just don’t see Rockstar wanting to have a game come out when the news headlines are all talking about PS4 and the next Xbox console. If those new consoles come in 2015, the GTA 5 should be safe. They better hurry up. GTA doesn’t want to compete with PS4 or Xbox 720 news that’s for sure.

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