New details on GTA V released along with a release date

Well our frustration has subsided. Finally, and we do mean finally, there is an official GTA V release date. It’s coming Spring 2013 and there is a pre order starting November 5th. I’m confused about the pre order announcement because for over a year Amazon had a pre order page up. Seems a tad bizarre to me, but who cares. The game is coming and it’s not a dream that I’m having.

So with the announcement today, Rockstar gave a couple new details. Confirmed is that the city is Southern California. It’s the most “thriving” game they have ever created. It’s set in Los Santos. Rockstar goes on to say that the games landscape covers the tops of mountains to the depths of the ocean. I personally am intrigued by having ocean gameplay elements.

Rockstar is promising that starting November, things should get rolling. In other words lots of news to come! Yay!

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