New PS4 and Xbox One – Full 1080p Screenshots

Here are some new and delightful screenshots from the 1080p next gen GTA V for PS4 and Xbox One! Enjoy. Remember to click on image for the full resolution glory!

new-gta-v-screenshots-ps4-xbox-one-001 new-gta-v-screenshots-ps4-xbox-one-002 new-gta-v-screenshots-ps4-xbox-one-003 new-gta-v-screenshots-ps4-xbox-one-004 new-gta-v-screenshots-ps4-xbox-one-005 new-gta-v-screenshots-ps4-xbox-one-006 new-gta-v-screenshots-ps4-xbox-one-007 new-gta-v-screenshots-ps4-xbox-one-008 new-gta-v-screenshots-ps4-xbox-one-009

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