GTA V weapons – an early look at the tools of the trade

gta v weapons

In the only glimpse so far into the world of GTA V, there is one scene that shows the GTA 5 weapons. We’ve got a screenshot for you to look at. It’s important when you consider what the rumors are about the weapons in Grand Theft Auto 5.

Regarding the scene in the image, I found it interesting that someone commented how silly it was that silencers are on an AK-47 rifle. Then the realization happened that hey, perhaps weapons will be customizable in GTA V. Well if you believe some of the leaked information, then indeed it appears that some weapons will enjoy customization. According to the same leak there will even be some home-made weapons in GTA 5.  Yes it’s rumor at this point but based on the trailer and the rumor together, I think the evidence is over whelming.

According to the most recent leak, here is a list of GTA 5 weapons:

  • remote mines
  • claymores
  • flame throwers
  • lazer trip mines
  • objects from the street and buildings
  • medieval weapons such as swords, axes, etc.

Aside from the weapons themselves, according to rumors there is some real improvements to the weapons gameplay mechanics. In particular we’ve heard in two different leaks that the cover mechanics are vastly improved. Animations for climbing, rolling, diving, and crawling are more realistic. In addition there are apparently improved reload animations.

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  1. anominouse February 4, 2012 at 10:51 pm #

    The leak has been proven fake many times on different websites. If it were real where are the roads all it shows is a freeway(wide i might add compared to other GTA maps and this is supposed to be the biggest yet)and it isn’t even complete and I quote Youtube’s GTA5Videos channle when I say,” Did somebody get lazy?” I realy expect you do a little research before you post something like this. In the middle of the map it has no roads at all dude you should have looked at it more closely. By the way i mean no offence by all of this. and I will still go on your site for cheats when the game does come out;)

  2. anominouse February 4, 2012 at 10:53 pm #

    by this i mean the map but it took me to this page instead when i was trying to comment srry.

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