GTA 5 hidden weapons and secret weapon locations

Part of having such a vast city and surroundings in Grand Theft Auto V makes finding all the secrets even more challenging. If you don’t want to find them on your own, perhaps this list (always updating) of various secret weapon locations will help.

  • Sniper Rifle – Paleto Bay > On the yellow water tank next to the big chimney by the gun store – COLDFL4ME
  • SMG > Del Perro Beach > Under the jetty by the Fairground rides –¬†COLDFL4ME
  • I found a few (5) molotov cocktails under the west coast highway, south of the military base and north of LS. – michaelcmills
  • check underwater off the north west coast. There are a couple of wrecks with various high-end weapons just lying on the seafloor. Also found a couple of body armours and first aid kits. One of the stranger missions takes you to the exact spots, won’t spoil though… – 77longrange77

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  1. Davin October 8, 2013 at 11:17 pm #

    From the beginning of the game you can go to the alturist cult and drive up the hill to get around the gate. You’ll have to fight them but there are good weapons in there that have not been unlocked yet on a new game.

    • matthw February 16, 2015 at 9:09 pm #

      davin where is that place at who where you being ichael trevor or frnkie

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