GTA 5 for PC release date get delayed. This should be no surprise.

News has broke that Rockstar is delaying the much anticipated PC release of GTA V. It’s moving back about 2 months. A core PC audience is up in arms, which can be expected. People are excited and rightfully so. However, let’s have a reality check on this situation.

First, Rockstar has about the highest standard when it comes to what they release. As PC gamers, we’ve seen absolute rubbish in terms of finished or polished releases. We have been getting almost beta quality games that are being released. I think we all can agree that less than finished games are lame and even disrespectful to the PC gaming community.

So in this instance, what is set to be one of the all-time PC masterpieces, is getting a couple more months of polish. It’s 4K quality, so perhaps the wait is worth it. It takes some trust in Rockstar on this situation. It’s not ready, in their standard, so they delay it. It’s for the better, not for the worse.

It was pretty clear early on that GTA 5 was bigger than Rockstar had even anticipated. This game took FOREVER to come out. When you’re talking about a PC game, things get even more tricky. There are more details and nuances that need to be addressed. A console is standard, whereas PC games deal with a vast array of configurations and hardware. The point is, Rockstar deserves a pass on this one.

The game is going to blow minds. I think that’s a safe bet. The other silver lining is that you now see the official PC specs and because of the delay, the current top cards are going to be cheaper when GTA 5 PC is finally released. It’s not all bad folks.

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