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GTA 5 for PC release date get delayed. This should be no surprise.

News has broke that Rockstar is delaying the much anticipated PC release of GTA V. It’s moving back about 2 months. A core PC audience is up in arms, which can be expected. People are excited and rightfully so. However, let’s have a reality check on this situation. First, Rockstar has about the highest standard […]

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Still waiting on news of PC version of GTA 5

It’s a wait isn’t it? I’m sure there are more than a few people out there waiting for their beloved PC to be enabled to play a Grand Theft Auto V. Whelp, that day must be getting closer. Don’t you think? The online petition has surpassed 700,000 signatures. We’ve all enjoyed the PS3 and Xbox […]

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PC Grand Theft Auto 5 leaks keep on coming

Here is the latest leak of an apparent PC version of GTA V. We’ve seen some retailers in the past put up a holder page for a PC version and we’ve also seen a EBGames store photo with GTA 5 PC boxes on store shelves for pre order. Now this: Thanks to C1aw from Reddit. […]

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GTA 5 system requirements – Everything you need to know to play GTA V on your PC

It’s presumptuous on our part to even suggest a GTA 5 version for the lonely PC gamers out there. That said, where there’s smoke, there’s fire. In other words the amount of leaks and evidence in the past week or two is making it quite clear that a PC release is imminent. It’s just best […]

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