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Is GTA 5 for next gen consoles going to be a PS4 exclusive?

Question To Ponder: Why is the Xbox One not mentioned in the leaked GTA 5 source code config file? Obviously there is one big assumption I’m making. Dare I say that Rockstar will be releasing more versions of GTA V? Dare to argue that? I’ve spent some time pondering previous leaks and rumors regarding Grand […]

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GTA Online RMT – Real money in GTAO?

There is some rumors out there that GTA Online will utilize a real money transaction element. Of course we aren’t at October 1st and there hasn’t been any news out of Rockstar regarding RMT in GTAO. You can see a reference regarding GTAO and RMT cash in some leaked beta changelogs. Of course those need […]

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GTA V Protagonist rumors persist. Is this the guy?

There is some pretty overwhelming evidence about this person feature in the GTA V screenshot and the man on the left side. Is this the same person? Is this the main character? All evidence says yes! Of course aside from the release date, most GTA fans want to know the protag aka protagonist. This fellow […]

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gta v weapons

GTA V weapons – an early look at the tools of the trade

In the only glimpse so far into the world of GTA V, there is one scene that shows the GTA 5 weapons. We’ve got a screenshot for you to look at. It’s important when you consider what the rumors are about the weapons in Grand Theft Auto 5. Regarding the scene in the image, I […]

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gta 5 map

GTA 5 Map – Is this the first look at the entire map?

  The leaks keep on coming and we love it. This time an apparent GTA 5 map picture has been leaked via Twitter. Legit? I mean who would bother creating a fake such as this? If we were guessing, we think this is a real screenshot from the game. It shows the Los Santos area, […]

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Is Adrian the GTA 5 main character?

You will see various clips in the GTA trailer of a man in a red sports car. In fact this character, as shown in the screenshot above, is shown throughout the trailer. This leads us to one conclusion. That man is the main character of the next Grand Theft Auto game. There has been a […]

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grand theft auto 5 san andreas 2

GTA V San Andreas 2 – Fact or Fiction? We say fact.

There is an amazing leak on the internet. Surprised? Don’t be. GTA V is going to be one of the biggest video game releases in history, if not the biggest release. Naturally the biggest video games are going to be the source of the biggest rumors. We think this latest leak is a real hum […]

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Hottest GTA V rumors on eve of official trailer release

Let’s talk about what GTA V is going to be. It’s going to have multiple playable characters. Everyone is saying it and based on indicators, it just makes sense. Afterall, Grand Theft Auto 5 should be an evolution and having different characters to play in the same game is a real evolution. Imagine how that […]

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GTA 5 Release Date – We Think We Have It

The quest for the GTA 5 release date has been the quest of many. Rockstar has been extremely secretive about this. We’ve heard various rumors and various tweets that indicate certainly that the game is “in the works”. It has to be right? It’s one of the most anticipated video game releases on the planet. […]

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More GTA 5 Rumors

What we have this week is a website that is associated with Take-Two and the website is on the same server as other Rockstar game websites. Sure it’s evidence of something, but there is absolutely no mention of GTA in any part of the Citizen Skywatch content online so far. There is a twitter […]

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