Hottest GTA V rumors on eve of official trailer release

Let’s talk about what GTA V is going to be. It’s going to have multiple playable characters. Everyone is saying it and based on indicators, it just makes sense. Afterall, Grand Theft Auto 5 should be an evolution and having different characters to play in the same game is a real evolution. Imagine how that could expand playability. That’s pretty crazy if you think about it that way.

Of course the biggest and most anticipated news is the location or GTA V city. Again, based on rumors and speculation only, people are expecting a Los Angeles location. San Andreas had some real positives in the past and certainly it’s possible that San Andreas 2 could be in the works here. Thing is, would Rockstar have LA Noire and then a game based in Los Angeles with GTA V?

Feel free to add to the speculation with your own comments below.

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