Brady Games secures GTA 5 cheat guide book rights

gta 5 brady games guide

Brady’s global strategy guide publisher Mike Degler has announced that they have secured the rights to the GTA 5 cheat strategy guide book. Brady has become a staple for video game guides and with GTA 5 secured, they are expecting to be the #1 publisher on the planet. High hopes for this GTA V strategy guide for sure. There is always plenty of tricks, cheats, glitches and gameplay elements to write about. It’s going to be a thick guide book for sure! The article mentions that a popular strategy guide can sell up to 300,000 copies. Expect the Brady Games GTA 5 guide to shatter the records. You might be aware Prima Game Guides is the biggest competitor to Brady Games. This deal pretty much puts Brady Games in a good position coming into late 2012 and 2013 depending on when GTA 5 is released.

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