GTA 5 Blog Launch!

We know that GTA 5 is coming in 2012. We also know that the leaks for GTA 5 are going to be coming fast and furious in the coming months. We also know that launching a blog will be the best way for us to keep up with the GTA trailers, screenshots and news. It’s going to be a huge game that’s for certain.

So the typical information is going to start leaking onto the internet any week now. First it will be things like the GTA 5 release date. That will be followed by some type of official word from Rockstar regarding GTA 5 location, release date and screenshots. The buzz should start about 8 months from launch which is why we think news is going to break any day now. Also expect early pre order GTA 5 listings to show up shortly after the official GTA 5 announcement.

So our blog is hopefully going to be your “go to source” for all things related to GTA 5.

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