GTA Online RMT – Real money in GTAO?

There is some rumors out there that GTA Online will utilize a real money transaction element. Of course we aren’t at October 1st and there hasn’t been any news out of Rockstar regarding RMT in GTAO. You can see a reference regarding GTAO and RMT cash in some leaked beta changelogs. Of course those need […]

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Beta changelogs in PS3 version of GTA V further evidence of PC version

It’s incredible what can happen when a game is so popular and so anticipated. Take the PC GTA 5 version. A reddit user has done a bit of sleuthing in the PS3 version of GTA V and has discovered various references to PC, DX11 and x64. You can view the technical details, but as Hal_Nein_Thousand […]

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1 Billion in 3 days for Grand Theft Auto 5 Sales – You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet

A while back we predicted that GTA V was going to be the greatest video game in history. Just now, Rockstar/Take-Two is saying they reached 1 billion in sales in just 3 days. The closest game to get to 1 billion? That was last year with Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 which took 15 […]

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The Best GTA 5 GIFs – Funny Moments, Glitches, Wipeouts, Bizzare Happenings

The trend is clear. There are going to be a LOT of funny and bizzare GTA V animated gifs out there. In fact there have been some show up already. Enjoy this collection as being some of the best. Make this a community powered thread and post some of your favorite GTA V animated GIFs. […]

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Are you losing vehicle upgrades? Vehicles disappearing from your garage in GTA 5?

Update September 22, 2013: Rockstar has identified a possible cause for this issue: “This issue may occur if you drive another character’s personal vehicle. We are looking into a fix to prevent this from occurring in the future.” Okay, there is a lot of discussion and confusion out there regarding vehicles that are randomly losing […]

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PC Grand Theft Auto 5 leaks keep on coming

Here is the latest leak of an apparent PC version of GTA V. We’ve seen some retailers in the past put up a holder page for a PC version and we’ve also seen a EBGames store photo with GTA 5 PC boxes on store shelves for pre order. Now this: Thanks to C1aw from Reddit. […]

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Every Hidden Secret on GTA V Blueprint Map – 39 Image Photo Gallery

One of the biggest discoveries has to be the secrets on the GTA 5 Collectors Edition blueprint map. Well a generous person by the name “darthvodka” has been kind enough to create some amazing photos of ALL the hidden secrets. There are 39 photos in all. These are much clearer images/photos that were previously online. […]

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GTA 5 system requirements – Everything you need to know to play GTA V on your PC

It’s presumptuous on our part to even suggest a GTA 5 version for the lonely PC gamers out there. That said, where there’s smoke, there’s fire. In other words the amount of leaks and evidence in the past week or two is making it quite clear that a PC release is imminent. It’s just best […]

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GTA 5 hidden weapons and secret weapon locations

Part of having such a vast city and surroundings in Grand Theft Auto V makes finding all the secrets even more challenging. If you don’t want to find them on your own, perhaps this list (always updating) of various secret weapon locations will help. Sniper Rifle – Paleto Bay > On the yellow water tank […]

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How to find Bigfoot in GTA 5

The Reddit contributor OscarTheSwede was cool enough to share how he found Bigfoot in GTA 5. Thank him, not me! “So in the mission where Franklin are chasing after three guys that Trevor wants dead, they crash in a forest. Michael and Trevor arrives at the forest with a helicopter so Micheal can shoot them […]

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