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How to find Bigfoot in GTA 5

The Reddit contributor OscarTheSwede was cool enough to share how he found Bigfoot in GTA 5. Thank him, not me! “So in the mission where Franklin are chasing after three guys that Trevor wants dead, they crash in a forest. Michael and Trevor arrives at the forest with a helicopter so Micheal can shoot them […]

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How to get the GTA 5 Stunt Jump Achievement

Here is a fantastic video which is a walkthrough for the Stunt Jump achievement in GTA 5. You have to complete 50 jumps in total so I hope you have a bit of free time!

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World’s Biggest GTA 5 Tips and Tricks Collection

Sometimes it’s just best to keep tips and tricks in one simple place. This is it folks! This list of GTA V tips and tricks will be updated with the newest additions at the bottom of the list. Please add some of your own cool tips and tricks. Take what you like, leave the rest. […]

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Tips: How to make money in Grand Theft Auto 5

As people are getting their copy of GTA V, the quest for cash/money will begin. Rockstar went out of their way to make money an integral part to the game. There are many many ways to spend money in GTA 5 and having a good supply of cash is of key importance. I hope this […]

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How to give the middle finger aka flip the bird in GTA V

You may have seen some gameplay videos in which a driver flips the bird aka gave the middle finger. I can admit the first time seeing this I was LMAO. With that out of the way, let’s explain how to do it. PS3 – Give the middle finger While in a vehicle, make sure you […]

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