Full Details – GTA V App for iPhone, iPad, Android

Things are really exploding (no pun intended) regarding GTA V. Now we have news about the Grand Theft Auto 5 app, named iFruit. What we know as of this moment is that the app is currently only available for iOS devices like the iPhone and iPad. Get the app now from iTunes here. No release date is mentioned for Android, but surely within a couple days that should be released. Speculation on our part, but how could Rockstar ignore the fact that there are more Android devices on the market than Apple iOS?

Here are the full details so far:

  • currently available for free on Apple iOS devices
  • no release for Android devices yet (no official news about when it’s coming)
  • upgrade and customize the look of your car – “choose from paint jobs, window tints, smoke colors, wheels, hoods and spoilers. Upgrade your engine, brakes, exhaust, suspension, and accessorize with new lights, horns, tires and body armor. Place your order on-the-go and find it waiting for you in the garage the next time you play Grand Theft Auto V, or send your order in while playing and get a call from your local mechanic to swing by.” -source: iTunes.com
  • create and reserve custom license plates for both GTA 5 and GTA Online
  • Chop the Dog feature: teach new unique tricks, earn credits which can be exchanged in-game for new collars, care for Chop virtually from the app which translates into the game by Chop being able to find hidden items, and will become more responsive to your commands in-game.
  • GTA V news feed and Rockstar Games Social Club integration
  • iOS app size – 444MB




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