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Here are some new unsubstantiated rumors about the next game:

  • Number of animals - lots
  • You can meet in the wild deer, rabbits, squirrels, mountain goats. In rural areas - such as agriculture animals
  • There are bears, bobcats, turtles, sharks, rats, dogs and others
  • Do not forget about pumah, coyotes or just wolves. All of them also becomes a great threat to you.
  • Under the water, you can use a knife.
  • Under the water as there are sunken oil rigs, and even a twelve-story factory.
  • Wild ecosystem is not only on the ground. It is still under water and air.
  • When you want to jump with a parachute, you will observe flocks of different birds
  • Play a very important role and masks, whose number is more than 20+ pieces.
  • Rats live in the back streets of the city
  • The game has a tank.
  • You can check out the trailer, for example, in the woods, and taking the necessary camouflage gun, test your hunting skills.
  • You can change the dog by giving him a new collar.
  • Shark attack game characters.
  • Sharks get in packs
  • You can also relax by taking a prostitute on the track or order a lap dance at a strip club.
  • It is possible to put a sniper scope or red dot, add more grip, flashlights, laser pointer, silencer, equipped with advanced shop or just change the color.
  • In GTA 5 we will have more than 200+ types of transport, including four-engine bombers, bicycles, sports cars or trailers.
  • Rockstar made ​​the ability to change the body kit, spoilers, grilles, hood, wheels, muffler, add a roll cage, kenguryatnik, armored bus, additional lighting. You can even change the tone.
  • The amount of clothing for more than 30+, the addition of various accessories (watches, chains, bracelets, etc.), tattooing skin and even a change of hairstyle, the total amount of which will be at least 15+.
  • Some theft is so heavy that you have to seek the assistance of mercenaries, whether bully, a sniper, a hacker or a hustler.
  • There are hunting under water
  • After completion of the tuning, you can take a picture of your car and put it in the photo Social Club.
  • Police also swim
  • You can find sunken ships, aircraft, containers or vehicles are very valuable things.
  • Under the water you can get rid of the police chase.
  • New official release date is September 2013
  • You’ll play as 42 year old Albert DeSilva, a half-American, half-Puerto Rican US citizen with an ex-wife and two children.
  • Breaking Bad is a subtle reference with Albert turning to crime late in his life.
  • You’ll also play as Dougie Vejo who is a younger criminal living in Los Santos.
  • Grove Street will appear in the game, but Carl and Sweet will not.
  • Albert lost his money in a ‘ponzi scheme’ and this is his prime concern.
  • Players will be able to customize clothes/hair/facial hair, but there won’t be any gyms or tattoos.
  • There could be characters from GTA 4. The article hints ‘one or more’ may show up.
  • Car customization will be back, but this could just focused on Dougie’s character (although this could also be connected with Albert’s mid-life crisis).
  • You’ll be able to play mini-games such as golf, tennis and surfing.
  • The mission played for the GameInformer cover was called ‘Alimony’ and featured the scene from the trailer where characters robbed a jewellery store.
  • Songs confirmed are: My Michelle: Guns & Roses, Magic Power: Triumph, California Dreaming: The Beach Boys and Beautiful: Snoop Dog (featuring Pharrell).

(source: Ubergizmo)

Like other GTA games, there will be a city associated with the title. Rockstar has affirmed that this game will be GTA V based in the city of Los Santos. Without seeing the official game packaging, I'm expecting GTA V Los Santos.

We know the following locations will be in the game:

  • Zancudo River
  • Vinewood Hills (a Hollywood location)
  • Grapeseed
  • Vespucci Canals
  • Del Perro Pier (with amusement park)

New never before seen screenshot from pre order promotional viewer!

Believe it! The game is officially being released Spring 2013. Here is the image to prove it! In addition there has already been some leaks about the pre order promotional flyers.

spring 2013 release date

We have a real good leak here. The protagonist for GTA 5 is named Albert De Silva. He's the older character shown in the trailer and he is the voice in the trailer. This according to the IMDb page for the actor Ned Luke.

gta 5 news

(image above: screenshot from confirming "Albert De Silva" as GTA V character)

gta v protagonist albert de silva


Beyond the apparent details about Albert De Silva being the main character or protagonist in Grand Theft Auto 5, there is something else on the website. There is mention of another character. The actor is Young Maylay and their GTA 5 character is listed as Carl C.J. Johnson of the original GTA San Andreas fame. They list it as a rumor, however it makes sense to us. We believe you will be controlling two or three different characters in the game and Carl C.J. Johnson may be one of them.

Here is a screenshot from showing the possible other main GTA V character:


November 2 - Official GTA V trailer is released. No other details are known and no other dates announced. Stay tuned on our blog!

In the world of video games, there are two titles that you simply cannot be without. One is Halo 4. The other? Easy. It's GTA5! These are the two biggest games on the planet and you should have these in your collection. The replay value is incredible and when you are spending big bucks on a video game, you better get a game you want to play over and over.

If you have been buying the previous GTA games, then you know they are solid. From GTA3 to GTA4, there was an improvement. The game simply got bigger and it got better. So what do you expect from GTA4 to GTA5? Well it's going to be incredible. Think about how big the world of GTA4 is compared to GTA3. Now think about the next generation consoles and how big Rockstar can make GTA5. The world, cities and maps are going to be simply huge. With few details leaked, it has been confirmed (almost) that there are going to be massive areas to explore. Beyond that it's going to be available most likely on tablets and smartphones which will add an even great user base and cheats information resource. I'm sure there will be lots of easter eggs etc, and the more people playing the game, the more cool in-game stuff people will post about on other blogs and websites.

What is my point? Well for starters the release of GTA5 is going to be the biggest in video game history. That release is expected to be in 2013. Will it beat Halo 4 or Call of Duty Black Ops 2? It will be a close battle, but don't expect these games to be released in the same year. These days COD is the video game to beat and with Halo 4 being a FPS also, they can't expect to top Call of Duty sales. That said, Grand Theft Auto V can beat the all time sales record especially at launch.

So please, be patient. Fresh GTA 5 content upcoming. We will post the top cheats sources so you can unlock everything in the previous games if you haven't done so already. That means while you're waiting for V, pehaps you want to go back and explore some other treasures and easter eggs that you missed in GTA 4 or GTA 3. There is many layers to these games!

And please remember. If there is a rumour or release date, check here first. We will have it first so please bookmark us and visit again soon!

Have fun!

GTA5 - Previous News, Info, Rumors

We are closely following the internet and all the news and rumors about the upcoming GTA 5 game.

GTA Vice City 2 - The Next GTA Game?

The exciting is building toward the next GTA game. We've put a lot of thought into what way Rockstar is going with the next Grand Theft Auto game. After recent developments, we think strongly the next could be named GTA Vice City 2.

Since we think we're onto the next game, you can rely on our resources for the latest GTA Vice City 2 news, rumors and release date. The question you must ask yourself is when. When with the next GTA be released? Well obviously there are really 2 big video game release dates. The holiday season is the biggest. Those games come out in September and October. In 2012, obviously that time has passed. So that leaves the next feasible option which is the 2013 or perhaps a GTA Vice City 2 release date of Holiday Season 2012.

So here is the evidence. First you need to see examples of the fact the papers are legitimate. Yes, it show 007 GoldenEye Arcade, but that was a game that was being worked on but ran into legal issues and didn't make it out. Playstation Move is shown here and guess what? Yes, that's the actual product name which is now on store shelves. The fact is, these are legit E3 details.

gta vice city 2 cheats


So here is where it gets juicy. So obviously in the image below it cleary shows a new GTA game. It's not what you might have expected. It says clearly, Grand Theft Auto Vice City 2. Sure games can be renamed but it's a pretty solid rumor at this point.

vice city 2 cheats


I mean there haven't been any real hot rumors at this point. I would imagine the build up will be intense which requires more time. I therefore predict a 2013 release date for GTA Vice City 2.

Just when you think you have it right, things can change. We didn't really notice this little internet rumor about the next GTA game. It would seem that the E3 papers showed something rather interesting. Yes, there was a new game listed, but it wasn't GTA 5. Nope, that wasn't the name. In fact, it appears that based on what is written on these E3 documents, that GTA Vice City 2 cheats is really what we should be covering. Of course this is speculation. Nobody can say for sure, but why would this name appear in these documents? This is pretty hard evidence. You can't dispute what is shown in the images below. That's just reality. In this situation, we will look more into this GTA Vice City 2 rumor. If things change, we will also!

GTA San Andreas 2 - The New GTA 5 Game Location or Name?

Update - Well we can officially say that GTA 5 is located in San Andreas. We don't know yet if it's officially consider GTA San Andreas 2, but after watching the trailer, it's obvious the location.

This screenshot from the GTA V trailer tells you all you need to know.
Yes, Vinewood is Hollywood in the GTA world. That's San Andreas!

Previous San Andreas 2 News Updates:

Since nobody knows official details about the next Grand Theft Auto release, it's free for us to speculate. A lot of the debate so far has been about whether the next game will be all new or whether it will be an extension of a previously released game. We thought about GTA Vice City 2 as a possibility, but recent rumors suggest a location elsewhere. What about GTA San Andreas 2? It would appear from leaks around the internet that Hollywood seems like a real possibility. No evidence directly, but recent casting calls for actors indicated strongly that California/Hollywood will be the next GTA location.

Would Rockstar release GTA San Andreas 2 instead of a full fledged new release? Some of the reasons for a second game such as GTA San Andreas 2 would be based on the lack of real innovation within the engine. If the next GTA game doesn't improve with leaps and bounds, perhaps making a sequel makes more sense.

Also consider possible San Andreas 2 release dates. If this game comes out in 2013, is that too late for a release based on the new Xbox, Playstation and Nintendo gaming consoles? The fact is that most late game releases don't do well. GTA 5 will do great for sure, but if they wanted subsequent game packs, they simply may not have time to milk the game for all its worth. So I suggest that timing is a big part of having a big game vs having a massively successful game with plenty of expansion packs and downloadable content.

Of course this is all just specualtion. Nobody knows yet what the plan is. Even if there is a GTA announcement or leak, they may still not spill the beans on what the acutal name of the game will be. Sure a few pics or videos might surface in the next few months but that doesn't mean that Rockstar will actually confirm specific details. home page contact
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