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Breaking News! Now that Grand Theft Auto 5 is released, how good or bad are the reviews? It would appear that regardless if it's a gamers review or a professional website review, everyone is loving the new GTA game. Does it have lasting replay appeal? It appears so. We are updating with reviews that mention feelings after completing the game. Post hype reviews as it were. Can this game last you for months and months? Most gamers are saying yes! This is a full-on GTA 5 review roundup. What the reviewers liked and didn't like about the new game. Here are the details and review summary:

  • 10 out of 10 (
  • 4.5 out of 5 stars (
  • 9.5 out of 10 (
  • 9 out of 10 (
  • 5 out of 5 stars (
  • 9.7 out of 10 (
  • 10 out of 10 (
  • A+ (
  • Hands-down a must play. An instant classic. (
  • 9.8 out of 10 (
  • 9 out of 10 (
  • 9 out of 10 (
  • 5 out of 5 (
  • 10 out of 10 (

What are the gamers themselves saying about Grand Theft Auto V?

"As I have officially completed the campaign I can gladly say that this is easily the best game that I have completed. Thank you Rockstar!!!!!"
- BrisbaneRoarFC, Reddit User, September 19

"I'd like to say that the graphics are absolutely insane for current gen consoles...The gameplay itself, is really great and responsive..."
- Infection233, Reddit User, September 20

"...the game truly is the best GTA to date. The world is huge, and it feels alive. The driving is better than GTA IV, and is better than any other sandbox shooter that I have played (JC2, Sleeping Dogs, etc). The shooting feels more polished than any previous GTA."
- Lemursarecute, Reddit User, September 20

"Well, I'm primarily a PC gamer. I had to fish out my Xbox to play this, and it really feels like a complete redo of San Andreas, taking what made GTA 4 made good (driving, not so much that it's exactly like 4 but more arcade-y) and San Andreas (stats, minigames) and combining them. It does a fantastic job of doing so, so I'd say the game is well deserving of the hype it's getting."
- bkster, Reddit User

"...this is probably the best GTA yet. The scope and polish is unparalleled in gaming, and the few issues it has haven't marred my enjoyment in any significant way... besides maybe the story. If you ever enjoyed a GTA game in the past and you're looking for something that will occupy a huge chunk of your life, Grand Theft Auto V fits the bill like none other. tl;dr: Buy it."
- TheXbox, Reddit User

"...Its one of the best games I have ever played. Some of the later missions that I've managed to get to are just jaw droppingly brilliant (heres looking at you arnie). I have already lost count of the insane sh*t I have done and its day 3. Plus I still feel like I have a LOT to get done in this game."
- RobinVanPersi3, Reddit User

"The game is fantastic, and is the best game i have played this year without a doubt even though i am barely a quarter through it. I have gotten more value from my money than any other game this year even if the game ends in 5 hours. It is that good."
- SonOfSpades, Reddit User

"... I keep comparing it to GTAIV, and I cannot think of a single thing that IV does better than V."
- Tective, Reddit User

"The best way I can describe it, is that you get the same giddy feeling that you got with vice city and San Andreas. Everything from the missions to just observing the world around you, the game is an amazingly fun package."
- oldmatenate, Reddit User

What reviewers like about Grand Theft Auto 5:

  • pretty much every review suggests that this is the best ever GTA game
  • the world is vast and impressive
  • it is one of the very best video games ever made (
  • heists are one of the best aspects of GTA 5
  • improved gameplay mechanics

What reviewers didn't like about Grand Theft Auto V:

  • lack of female characters
  • at times, some of the in-game violence seemed unnecessary

Expect every review to hit the internet this coming Monday! Reports suggest that all the major websites will be able to post their reviews starting tomorrow. Stay tuned, this is going to be HUGE! And epic...

IGN has just posted #2 of their hands-on preview/review. Pretty impressive details are unveiled and once you read it, the wait for Sept 17th may become even more unbearable! Read the preview here.

IGN has the world's first hands-on with Grand Theft Auto 5. They got to play for about 3 to 4 hours! Here are some juicy tidbits from their early review/preview:

  • visuals are beautiful / georgeous
  • city feels alive with lots of things going on
  • weapons can be used from vehicles
  • combat has seen a lot of improvements
  • weapon wheel like Red Dead Redemption
  • the world doesn't reset after a mission
  • characters are leading their own life which is noticeable when switching between characters
  • lots of "F bombs" from Lamar
  • Frankin has bullet time for cars
  • Michael has bullet time for weapons (real bullet time)
  • Trevor has bullet time has double the damage (takes half the damage)
  • they didn't get to do any heists
  • On missions you get prompted to control the various characters
  • the music or musical score in-game is very dramatic
  • driving is tighter
  • cars feel and handle heavier
  • overall they were "really impressed"

New! This is a big week for new content. Rockstar is going to give us media previews! That is the closest thing we're going to get to a review, so be excited for this news! This coming Thursday August 15th is the unveil so stay tuned for full details!

If you want the newest review/preview, read this CNET GTA V preview. With a release date of September 17th, it's most likely that in the first part of September there will be some reviews posted. Sneak peaks and previews will all be part of the hype. Some of the big websites like IGN for example will most likely get limited hands-on in the weeks leading up to release. There will be a flood of information so don't worry.

New details emerge. Unlike any Grand Theft Auto game in the past, this time you will not be controlling one protagonist, but this time you will be playing 3 different protagonists! You will be able to switch characters during missions and throughout the game which will keep the pace of the game moving quickly. Game Informer had a chance to see a preview of the game and their last page really says it all.

From what they've seen, it's being described as a big change to the GTA franchise and that the three protagonist gameplay feature is a big unknown as to the reaction fans will have. I'm a bit puzzled by their take, but this concept is new and when there is change and new gameplay brought into an previously successful game franchise, it can be a gamble. In this case Rockstar has chosen to really push the boundaries. I do wonder to what extent this 3 protagonist feature caused the long delays in releaing GTA 5. Rockstar would never admit whether they missed their intended target, but by all accounts this was an extremely challenging and time consuming direction to take. Keep in mind that they had to get 3 character stories to work together and in the past they just had to worry about just 1 character's story. If GTA 6 doesn't have a multiple protagonist gameplay, I guess we will clearly have our answer from Rockstar about whether the change of gameplay is worth the extra effort to pull it off.

Do you really need a review for the next Grand Theft Auto game? You aren't sure whether the next game will be worth your money? Of course it will be the best investment. Yes we will provide a review when the game is released, but more than anything we want to provide the sneak peak previews and hands-on gameplay previews that will start showing up online as we build towards the eventual release date.


Now that there is an official statement from Rockstar that the game is coming Spring 2013, we can expect a great deal of new details to emerge. The actual reviews won't be coming until the weeks leading up to that release date, so hang tight for that. I think what's going to happen is that in the months leading up to the release, various high profile video game websites will be able to visit Rockstar and will get a chance to play the game or at least see it being played. That's as close to an early GTA V review that we will get. The same thing happened with Halo 4 that there were many details of the gameplay during an early preview where some writers got a sneak peak. The big websites like IGN are going to get those advance reviews. That's the best chance we have right now to know what the game is all about. It's going to be fun in 2013 as the excitement builds. I can't wait!

When the time comes, this page will feature a full GTA 5 review round up. That means we will list summaries on what all the big gaming sites have to say about the game. We imagine at first these reviews will be more preview, but heck we're not fussy. The fact is the big video game websites get first cracks at new games. They get to play the game before any of us. So we expect these previews and reviews to be mouth drooling fantastic! As these start hitting the web we will have full links and details here! Do you need to be conviced to by the next Grand Theft Auto game?

What we know about GTA V so far:

  • it's available to buy on September 17th, 2013 and can currently be pre ordered.
  • city is Los Santos
  • you play one of three different protagonists
  • the protagonists are Michael, Trevor and Franklin
  • there will be random encounters which allow you to expand the gameplay into other areas and outside the main storyline
  • it's going to include the ocean and mountains in the gameplay
  • the pursuit of money is the main focus of the gameplay

We will update with all the game details as they become official. No rumors, just the facts. Now that we're just a month from release, new details will be emerging so hopefully we can keep the various pages of the site updated for you!

review of gta 5
Screenshot from the official GTA V game trailer. Showing San Andreas streets.

Don't be shocked! How can we possibly provide a GTA 5 review when the game hasn't even been released? Great question! We aren't trying to trick you so don't worry. Perhaps you typed in 5 instead of 4? Whatever happened, welcome! Our goal here is simple. When GTA V is released, we want to be your first choice when you need content! We will have the best collection of GTA 5 review resources available to you. Of course before we get to a full-on game review, we will provide you with every possible preview and sneak peak that becomes available. Also remember that we will provide GTA V cheats galore! In fact we are mainly focused on making the game more fun and longer lasting. That's what we are all about. We want to be the best source of cheats out there. But you want a review just to make sure that GTA 5 is worth buying right? Well, as the hype starts, please visit us! If it's news regarding the next Grand Theft Auto game, you will find it here.

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police chase adrian from gta v
A police chase screenshot from the GTA V trailer. Review and Preview details coming soon!


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