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Now that the new Grand Theft Auto is released, there has been an amazing number of videos released to YouTube. You name it, somebody has posted a video of it. Although we would like to have 20 videos on this page, it will simply overload the page. As a result, we need to focus in on the best videos.

Invincibility Cheat Demonstration

I know it goes without saying, but how about seeing it in action? Nothing like walking through bullets and explosions. Be careful of course because the cheat itself only lasts 5 minutes then you will need to enter it again to reactivate.


How To Make Money On GTA 5 Stock Market Tutorial

One of the most sought after subject to make money in Grand Theft Auto 5 is about the stock market. People are in need of understanding how it works. We think this tutorial video is clear with great commentary. It moves a bit fast so it may require a few rewinds. You do need a bit of money, perhaps around 2 million, before seriously trying to have success on the stock market. There are some great tips and info here so enjoy!



GTA 5 Gate Glitch Tutorial

This is one of the best glitches going. This video has commentary which help you learn the move. If you want to see your call fly like a bird and as high as the moon, then watch this. Impress your friends with this! And as the guy says in the commentary, leave comments on the video page and they will in fact help you out with perfecting this amazing glitch.


Official Gameplay Trailer

Here is a trailer released July 9, 2013. This video with commentary show in-game elements including races, cut scenes, and various locations of Los Santos. Currently this video has 28,116,338 views.



Meet Michael, Franklin, and Trevor Official Video

Here is a closer look at the 3 characters you can play in the game. Watch them all. Who's your favorite? I'm saying Trevor is easily my favorite character based on these trailers. Michael so far reminds me of Tony Soprano and one of the many character of Robert DeNiro. I don't see a lot original about Michael so far and this video doesn't really show me something new. Clearly if you like driving, Franklin is your man! There is something about this guy. He likes beating people up and he's a red neck hill billy. What's not to like? Oh, apparently he's the pilot in the game!



Previous Updates: The new trailer is here! Check below to watch it now. It shows off more of the massive world around Los Santos and the three protagonists, Michael, Trevor and Franklin. Rockstar gives a bit of background on their stories and friends. There is some scenes from various heists. Also see various vehicles in the game. If you forget what it looked like, you can rewatch the official GTA V trailer below.

Find the cool stuff faster. That's what we're all about! The easiest and fastest way to learn new tricks, cheats, easter eggs, glitches and other cool stuff is by watching other people do it. It's called video! YouTube gameplay videos have really taken off since the release of GTA 4 and expect places like YouTube to be taken over with all the GTA V walkthrough videos. We obviously are focused on the cheat videos, but there will certainly be a lot of other cool stuff that only a video could do justice. The fastest and easiest way for learning is by watching other player. That's where this page comes in to help you!


Please don't be confused! GTA 5 is going to be released in the Spring of 2013. Here is what you need to remember. We are going to be your best option when you are looking for GTA 5 cheat resources. Until the latest and greatest Grand Theft Auto game is released, I will provide you with some top GTA 4 cheats videos and walkthroughs. I've said this before but I'll say it again. The GTA worlds are massive and when the new game is released, imagine how huge the city and surrounding areas will be! Nobody can possibly find all the treasures and hidden goodies without using a GTA 5 cheat here and there. In fact, there is no shame whatsoever in using tips and walkthrough resources to get every bit of gameplay out of your game. I do it, your neighbour does it, we all do it. Cheats in todays video gaming are essential. We all don't have time to mess around. You want to find all the cool stuff in GTA V, then bookmark us now! Videos will provide the fastest and easiest method of getting what you want and learning how to do the cool stuff in the game.

In terms of GTA 5 video, I will supply you all the latest. So far there has only been the official trailer but that was a long long time ago. About a year now! So certainly the flood of gameplay videos and walkthroughs could start soon especially with a recent Rockstar release announcement. Most likely we will get more and more previews with in-game footage. Rockstar knows how to market and the fact is there won't be the other large name video games stealing the headlines. Because GTA V is coming out in the Spring of 2013, that mean E3 and the month in early 2013 will be chalked full of previews and footage of Grand Theft Auto 5.

Whether that is preview, gameplay video, or cheat tutorial, I will have it here. Having a video showing neat tricks or tips makes your life easy. GTA V videos showing new preview gameplay will get the hype started for the next release. All the new footage will be listed here or on our blog.

Official GTA V Trailer #2 - Released November 14, 2012

Things to watch for in this latest game trailer. It appears almost like a soap opera from my vantage point, but this is a way of showing off the story and characters. You get introduced to the three protagonists, Michael, Trevor and Franklin. Beyond that you also get a look at their friends and family life. It does appear that Trevor really is the mad man of the bunch. Should be interesting because Trevor seems like real crook of the bunch. I would say Michael is like a Robert DeNiro type character. I could really see DeNiro playing that role in a move and in fact the image above kind of reminds me of the bank robbery scene from Heat. Currently this video sits at 21,320,529 views.



GTA 5 Video - Official Trailer

This started the hype train for sure. This video was released November 2, 2011. It has 37,618,893 views at the time of posting here.




gta 5 video
A screenshot from GTA V featuring an airplane which no doubt you will be able to fly!


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