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Update: What we want to know and what you want to know is the release date for a PC, Xbox One and PS4 version. Right? So far there has been speculation about a possible November release date for GTA 5 PC. However Rockstar hasn't even announced a PC version let alone a possible date for it. A number of online retailers around the world have put up pre order pages for a PC version which has led to this wide spread speculation.

How about a Xbox One and PS4 release date? Sorry, that seems like a distant possibility at this point. I think Rockstar is at least waiting until after October 1st and the GTA Online rollout. I don't imagine they want to have everyone talking PC, Xbox One or PS4 while they are trying to get the masses into their GTA Online world. Given that, perhaps they wait a couple weeks, so mid October, to make further announcements.

Let's not forget about mobile devices including Android, iPhone and iPad. Rockstar in recent years has in fact made versions for mobile. I would expect something in the near future regarding Grand Theft Auto 5 and mobile.

Official release date is September 17, 2013. Options to buy GTA V are here. In some parts of the world, people are unboxing! Some people in North America are heading to midnight release parties. When the 17th passes, we turn our attention to the release date of other consoles and platforms like Xbox One, PS4 and PC. No release date or even confirmation regarding a release for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, iPhone, Android or iPad.

Below is a historical look at the many faces of GTA V delays. It has been a long road and it has been a very lonely road for a large number of years. Yes I said "years". I've been tracking this game for years and years and for a lot of time there simply hasn't been very much to talk about. Finally now we have the date and hopefully that date will follow with new dates for the other consoles, mobile devices and PC versions.

February 4, 2013

Sorry folks, but another official delay for GTA V. It's now coming September 2013 if you can believe it. The only question is for what systems it will be for. The new Xbox and Playstation 4? With the timing it's entirely possible that GTA 5 will actually be a launch title for the next generation consoles.

November 9

Finally some real details are starting to come out. As fans of Grand Theft Auto you should be happy that Game Informer magazine was able to get the inside scoop on the new game. Many details and you should check it out here.

October 30

Finally! Finally Rockstar gives us what we wanted. A damn date! We are officially being told GTA V is coming Spring 2013. It's true! See official story here. It's not fake trust me! November appears to be the beginning of much news, images, facts, videos, etc. Pre orders start on November 5. Hmm. Didn't they have pre orders for the past year already? Yes they did!


The most interest story to come out recently regarding a release date if from a guy in Canada who bought Max Payne 3 from Future Shop (like Best Buy). On the receipt, it clearly says get a $20 credit towards GTA V. The best part is that is says offer valid from February 1, 2013 to May 31, 2013. So what do I think? I think this is proof positive for a 2013 release and most likely around March 2013. No way they can release it in January that's for sure. It's odd timing, but the fact is the consoles are approaching their due dates and they need to get the game out early enough to make some serious coin. Consider downloadable content and expansion packs. Are those going to sell when the consoles have a year or less left in their lifetime? It's going to be a much harder sell and that's the bottom line. That's why this delay is very very suspect. Here is a link to the original article about the Future Shop receipt.

April 9

gta v release date

The latest leak indicates an October 2012 relese date. This sounds legit as the information has been pulled already. The leak comes from a Alex O'Dwyer who is an animator at Rockstar North. That is the Rockstar studio is developing the game. The slip up occured on his LinkedIn profile and CV. It's quite possible because Max Payne 3 comes out three months earlier and does allow enough breathing room for an October release. Big games come out in the fall and GTA V qualifies doesn't it?

March 23

Things are very quiet around GTA 5. Does this mean it's not coming in 2012? That would be a shame! However this news comes from a GameStop earnings call where president Tony Bartel said the 2012 forecasts do NOT include GTA V. They simply aren't putting it into their forecast which seems suspicious. Who knows what's happening in the background on this. Don't take this as 100% certain that GTA V release date is 2013. Speculation is that the big release date announcement could come at E3 this year. Tired of waiting? We sure the heck are! Check more details here.

November 2, 2011

No release date found in the official trailer. Darn it! With that said, it's getting obvious. Rockstar is releasing Max Payne in the Spring. In that situation, the Fall 2012 is the only date that makes sense. They aren't going to wait for 2013 that's for sure. They aren't going to release two games close to each other. The best and most lucrative time for video game sales is the Holiday shopping season. In addition, this time frame gives Rockstar enough time to get the hype train rolling full steam ahead.

October 25

News of GTA 5 on the Rockstar website caused shares in Take-Two Interactive Software to spike upward. Should we be surprised by this? Naw. Read the story on CNBC.

It's coming officially! Yes, there is a GTA 5 trailer coming officially on November 2, 2011. The Rockstar website has just the new Grand Theft Auto 5 logo and the trailer announcement.

May 17

Could the next GTA video game be GTA San Andreas 2

Rumor is that Rockstar is not going to be at this years E3 coming up. Sounds bad for a GTA 5 release date? Perhaps, but perhaps not. The fact is they are currently marketing their newest game LA Noire and it doesn't make sense quite yet to start officially talking GTA 5. Video games need room to breathe. I suggest that it's simply too early and that sales of their new game haven't peaked and therefore announcing GTA V would only be shooting themselves in the foot. Don't worry, that release date discussion is coming, it's just not happening at E3.

grand theft auto 5

March 25

Are you getting bored yet of your Xbox 360, Playstation 3 or PC? Would a new video game names GTA 5 hold you over for a while? Lots of hot rumors about the pending release date. The greatest selling video game of all time will likely be set when the game finally hits store shelves. Cheats are on the way, but what about the damn game release?

More interesting findings on the internet. Ever heard of the comedian Gilbert Gottfried? Not sure if he loves video games or his Xbox 360, but he posted this week on his Twitter account: "just found out I'm voicing the lead in grand theft auto 5!". Surprise, this was also quickly taken down from his account. Ooops! I'm sure it's true and the denials would also be quickly put out there. So there you go. Take it or leave it but I put my money on Gilbert being a big part of GTA 5. Video games and these types of mistakes happen. Even more now that the internet is such a big part of life. Hard to keep video game release secrets anymore.

People love to dig around about video game release dates evidence and we love it! Thing about the internet, people can connect the dots and find the trail that leads back to the origin. In this case, is apparently registered to Rockstar Games. That lead to further investigation which led video game fanatics to find a whole list of domains that are being hosted by the same DNS IP. The end result is a lot of domains and a lot of speculation as to what these domains have to do with the next GTA video game and what location that GTA 5 game will be at. Stay tuned as things are starting to heat up!

March 5

Well there is more Grand Theft Auto 5 rumors and leaks happening. The release will only be an estimate at best once it's even confirmed by Take Two. Beyond that, just be realistic about the gta vrumored date chatter on the internet. We're passing along the latest, but it's more to keep everyone in the loop. The point is that past week or two has seen some movement regarding GTA 5 and that means something is coming sooner than later.

With that said, the first interesting thing to happen is that Take-Two has registered 5 domain names that are very "GTA" ish. That means the names registered are speculated to be related to GTA 5 in some way. Just like in the past, these domain names may be part of the game in some way. The domains causing all the speculation are:

So big deal about these domains? Well what's interesting is that quickly the domains went from being registered by Take-Two to suddenly being private registration. That obviously indicates this is something substantial. They realized the mistake/leak and quickly tried to cover it up.

The next juicy release date rumor is that the resume of stuntman Declan Mulvey listed GTA 5. He's worked on a few other Rockstar Take-Two games in the past so it's reasonable to expect that his mention is legit. Ah, but he's since retracted that and said it was a typo. It read "GTA V" and was to read GTA IV". What to believe? I believe that he jumped the gun and that he's covering his tracks. It was a slip up and with confidentiality, you can't mess around. No way he could actually admit that he's worked on GTA 5. Check out his IMDb page and you can see the games he's worked on and also note what's missing. Yes, the reference to GTA. He screwed up.

February 11

grand theft auto 5It's been a while since the last GTA 5 release date discussion hit the internet. Well guess what? There has been some more recent speculation. We emphasize the "speculation" aspect. It's coming isn't it? Here is the latest banter.

It's pretty much 3 years since the last Grand Theft Auto has been released. The time between games would indicate an entirely new GTA game and not some type of glorified expansion such as GTA Vice City 2. It would seem that the next will be a full fledged new game.

The latest speculation is largly based on the contracts of a few key GTA developers. These guys are the nuts and bolts of the franchise. So the theory is that before their contracts expire they would product and deliver a new GTA V game. It would be done to improve their leverage when negotiating a new contract. Perhaps that true, but again, not a bright move by Take-Two if they created a situation where there was a gun held to their head over contracts.

The other key recently happened during the Take-Two financial report presentation. Max Payne 3 was previously discussed but was void from this financial report. This has fueled specuation that resources have been pulled from Max Payne 3 and moved to the completetion of the GTA 5 game.

There is much belief that at E3 in June, that the release date will be announced.

December 7, 2010

Video game industry analyst Mike Hickey is making headlines about his prediction about the GTA V release date. He says it will be released in 2012. He argument seems valid enough but he is missing a bit point. He says that in 2011, Take-Two will have LA Noire and Max Payne 3 coming out so there is no need finacially to release GTA 5 in that same year. Ah, but Mike Hickey isn't considering the current generation consoles. How long do they have left? Does Take-Two want to stall their biggest game franchise for the twillight of the current PS3 and Xbox 360 consoles? I really don't think so. Obviously I don't know when the PS4 and others will come, but 2013 seems reasonable. I still believe that nobody wants to put games out for a system when everyone is talking about the new systems coming out in the next year. That's bad for business. GTA 5 needs to be a priority. It's been since April 2008 that GTA 4 was released. Five years between games seems like an insane business decision in my opinion.

gta 5 release date


December 6

Surely there must be a release date just around the corner. There hasn't been a hot rumor in a while now. Just when we were starting to get frustrated something intersting happened. Check out this image below and btw, look for GTA 5 in the listings.

Now this is the real deal. It has to be the GTA 5 release date or at least the closest evidence of it. This is apparently a recent GameStop from December 2, 2010. The point is, this paper clearly shows it. I think a date in a new year makes no sense whatsoever. It's feasible that it is a best estimate which is obvioulsy very common for video games. The facts about a GTA 5 release date is the amount of time that has passed since GTA 4. Would they wait until 2012 or would a more reasonable release date be the prime time of the fall? I think that give enough time for the hype and the consoles likely have at least a good year or two left in their lives. You don't want a game like GTA5 coming out in a consoles last year of life.

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