You’ve watched the GTA V trailer. What are your thoughts?

I was juiced to finally see some new GTA action. I’m sure that every Grand Theft Auto fan on the planet was in on it whether you were on your home PC, a laptop or on a mobile phone. This was a highly anticipated trailer to say the least.

So what did you think of it? Impressed? Ho Hum?

I was impressed with the graphics for sure. Not enough information for my liking, but if you consider it like a teaser trailer for a movie, I guess it delivered. I don’t want to sound overly picky about it. It’s just great news to FINALLY have the ball rolling on some interesting GTA 5 discussion and news.

I’m now going through the GTA V trailer to see what nuggets I can pick out. Perhaps there are a few clues in there about the release date. It’s possible. Afterall, Rockstar has been known to be sneaky in this regard. Surely there is something in this video that will tease us even more.

My next request? How about the release date?

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