Sick of waiting for the GTA V release date? I am.

The latest news is essentially no news. The chairman and CEO of Take-Two, Strauss Zelnick was kind enough to say that GTA V is in “full development” and Rockstar is “making substantial progress”. Yeah whatever.

Okay, the deal is this. It’s horrible timing right now. It’s not going to be surprising to hear about PS4 and the next Xbox being released in fall 2013. If not then, be assured that gamers will be expecting those next gen consoles the following year. News will start to stream out regardless if those new systems are in 2013 or 2014. In the past, it’s been a fact that games released in the twilight of a system’s life suck. It’s horrible. Think about it. GTA V coming out in 2013? How much time does that leave for additional content and releases? People are going to be watching the next generation console news and saving their pennies.

Sure, GTA V might make some late waves but is it really acceptable to have a game such as this come out when there is such a short amount of time left in the console lifespan? I don’t think so. How many years have we been stuck with GTA 4?

On the flip side people are rambling about the possibility of GTA V being a release title for the new consoles. There is another bad idea. I don’t think there have been a lot of great games that came out as launch titles. Go back to Nintendo 64 and maybe you have something. If the new consoles are in fact coming Fall 2013 then a GTA 5 release in 2013 isn’t happening. At least not for the current gen systems. Thinking further, would Microsoft be releasing Halo 4 for a console that has one year left in its life? I doubt it.

If there are issues and problems in the development for GTA V, then timing is going to reek havoc. A massive game like this need time to explore and enjoy. That enjoyment will be stunted if they push it to 2013. It would be bizarre now to see it come out in 2012 but if they miss it, then I’m really upset. Then what? Spring 2013? Wow. I mean seriously. Do they have a crisis happening behind the scenes on this? It may be so. Think of how nuts it was for them to start pre order like six months ago. Their point was what? Bizarre.

Yes, the whole thing for me is turning bizarre. I’m sick of this waiting game.

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