Pre Order GTA 5 Starts Now – October 26, 2011

Can you believe this? We can’t. In fact I don’t think anyone else has broken this story. We feel that we’re the first to report the pre order Grand Theft Auto 5 has begun. How the heck can this happen? The official trailer release isn’t even until November 2, 2011! Well whatever the case you can now preorder GTA 5 at starting today. You can pre order for Playstation 3 or Xbox 360. No word on a PC version or a version made for tablets like the iPad. We’re certain all platforms will have a GTA 5 release.

So this puzzling development has us wondering one thing. When the heck is this game going to be released? I suppose it’s possible a spring 2012 release, but there are other video game release conflicts. Add to this the fact that recent video games have been having pre orders earlier and earlier. Is a year a stretch? Possible but we’re talking about #1 or #2 video game series on the planet.

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