GTA 5 in California – Kids Will Play!

There has been a court ruling in California recently that would have imposed a ban on selling violent video games to children. Nice try, but the courts said nope, not going to happen. In this case the children of California can have sleepless nights like the rest of us as we all await the GTA 5 release date.

Without question, Grand Theft Auto is a sure target of the crusaders against violent video games. Makes sense really but it get carried away. There are those folks claiming video games and violent video game affect behavior. It’s a debate that is endless and there is no hard evidence either way.

Is GTA 5 good for kids. No it isn’t. Will there be a “General” option? Not likely. How in the heck can you have GTA game that takes out the core gameplay? It’s fantasy. It’s a violent as you want it to be. It’s about being a criminal and how can you do that without a bit of good old violence? You can’t. GTA forever!

Read more about the California court ruling on CNN.

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