World’s Biggest GTA 5 Tips and Tricks Collection

Sometimes it’s just best to keep tips and tricks in one simple place. This is it folks! This list of GTA V tips and tricks will be updated with the newest additions at the bottom of the list. Please add some of your own cool tips and tricks. Take what you like, leave the rest. Some might not be tips to you, but for someone else they may have learned something new! If you think some of these are bogus/wrong, please leave a comment and things shall be investigated and corrected!

*Spoiler Alert* – Use Caution My Friends, You Have Been Warned

  1. Had a 2 star wanted level and ducked into an Ammunation and hid behind the counter. When the cops came in the shop owner opened fire with a carbine taking out 5 or 6. Not really a tip but still pretty awesome – DidierDogba
  2. If you buy a garage, always leave an extra spot just in case you find a super awesome/rare car you want to save. If your garage is full with four cars, it’ll ask you to remove a car before you can put a new one in its place. Problem is, when you load into the garage and and take your car out, the new car you wanted to replace in that spot will be gone. Just a heads up from someone who’s twice lost a Cheetah :/ – mrm3x1can — (Update: your car doesn’t disappear, it just gets impounded. You get the car back at the police station. – JayP87)
  3. When doing Lester’s Assassination missions make sure to pay close attention to which companies Lester mentions will be positively/negatively and invest in the stock market accordingly. I made like 3 million dollars just from that. – mrm3x1can
  4. completing all of the ammunation range challenges gives you 15% off all purchases. Completing them gold gives you 25% off. – flyingpenguin36
  5. A better way to steal money is to pay attention to the armored truck random events. It pops up once a day (I think) in that gas station near where Franklin lives. Having some sticky bombs ready and as soon as the truck leaves the parking lot, block the truck with your car and quickly sticky the back door then blow it open. The drop is usually 6-8k so its well worth it imo. – mrm3x1can
    1. Also, you can ambush them as they are loading the truck. To open the back without explosives , just shoot the middle beam between the two back doors. Opens relatively easy. – andrew_west
    2. You can rob them, just shoot two or three tires out. They stop the truck and confront you. Mow them down, decimate the doors, then gtfo. – CarlWeathersRightArm
  6. You can flip people off when you’re in a vehicle. Press LB (L1) while your in a car and have your fists equipped as the weapon and voila! – Robert237
  7. press the right directional button to turn on your high beams or turn off your lights completely. – Robert237
  8. If you activate his special ability when driving as Franklin you can hit the brakes and come to a dead stop. Useful for avoiding head on collisions at high speeds. – jayellz
  9. Press right on the dpad when you walk up to strangers. (admin edit: interacts with NPSs) – gee85
  10. Dont be afraid to absolutely eat it when you crash. You can kind of control the car mid air to land smoothly. And if you flip the car, now there is an option to roll it over. Just push the left analog stick left or right while your in the overturned car. I imagine a lot of people were stranded during testing in some of the remote areas so they included this feature.  – dolaction
  11. Best way to get into the military base is to get a fast car and come in through the gate that’s just off the main highway on the west side of the map. THIS IS THE IMPORTANT PART, you have to be Franklin. As you’re speeding at the gate BEFORE you blow through it and get 4 stars activate his special ability to slow down time. For as long as time is slowed down you will not get any stars. So you can make it all the way to the jets/helicopters without anyone shooting at you. Once you get out of the car all hell will break loose, but you’ll at least have time to get going. – DevinOlsen
  12. The key to steal a fighter jet (not the vtol one if there’s one) is to use a car because if you try to approach the place with a plane/heli you’ll get shot down almost immediately. Drive to the hangars and take the one there since you’ll probably get killed if you try to get the ones in the open. If you’re fast enough you’ll be able to take off before you get blocked or get shot by tanks. – TheMightySupra
    1. Also, look for one with an open cockpit. The characters take a solid 10 seconds to enter the thing if the cockpit is closed. The ones with open cockpits are usually parked directly outside of the hangers. – gandolf4
    2. To dodge the anti air missles, fly as fast and as high as possible. (admin)
  13. You can find jerry cans at gas stations, next to one of the pumps. – Danoseven
  14. If you get enough points with strippers u can go with them home, bang them and get their number. – Zybob
  15. If you want to get the most you can for the first heist, take the best gun man available, even when he says the gunman is not important. trust me – SweetBill
  16. A shot to the leg will always result in the person falling down, curling up, and dying. – RHBlankenship
  17. When playing as Michael, you can actually customise Amanada’s or Tracey’s car and the mods will be kept. Just make sure you leave the car back in the garage of the house or driveway when you are finished with it. – Troll_berry_pie
  18. While running, jump and in mid air press b or circle. This will make your character fall over and flip. It’s fun to jump off of stairs or into pools while doing this. – That-Guy-on-Reddit-
  19. Sasquatch – You can find Sasquatch in the Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness using a thermal scope. As soon as you take off the thermals he will disappear like in San Andreas. – Smozius
  20. Free Gun upgradesWhile a mission is active, go to the gun shop, and buy all of the upgrades for every available weapon and some grenade. Once you have obtained all of the upgrades, leave the gun shop, and use one of the grenades to kill yourself. This will cause the mission to fail, and you will start the mission over. When the mission restarts, you will have all of your money back from the purchases in the gun shop. Go back to the gun store, and all the weapon upgrades will still have a checkmark. Repeat this process when new weapons become available. – Unfair Destiny
  21. To dive underwater press and hold RB (R1) – 6aa0410284
  22. On land use LB RB (L1 R1) to steer the plane – 6aa0410284
  23. when in a convertible press and hold directional right to make the magic happen. – 6aa0410284
  24. How do you get a parachute? You can buy one, or there is one at the top of Mt. Chilead by the cable cars. You do not automatically have one once you exit an airborne vehicle.  – DraculinVIII
  25. Scuba gear becomes available when Michael purchases a Marina/Dock at a westernish part of the map, you get into the Submarine that’s provided and when you step out, you automatically have it – safcftm33
  26. Take photos of cool stuff! The Gallery has a Waypoint option to direct your GPS to where the photo was taken. So you can essentially permanently save your own waypoints in the photo gallery! – Darling_Shivar
  27. If you set a mark on the map where you want to go and switch to (for instance) Franklin from Michael. Michael will actually drive to your mark when you’re playing Franklin. You’re driving as Michael with a way point on the map. switch to franklin and Michael will still drive to were you set the waypoint even tho you playing as franklin – Sanderat
  28. It does seem that purchasing the hanger is actually what allows you to enter the airport without being wanted. – FryDay444
  29. If you pull up next to a sports car and rev your engine, it will start a drag race. – Taclooc
  30. If you are falling from a great height / flying out of a car or falling out of a plane/helicopter as Trevor, use his special ability to survive the impact and not take any damage. – lukeLOL
  31. Had a 2 star wanted level and ducked into an Ammunation and hid behind the counter. When the cops came in the shop owner opened fire with a carbine taking out 5 or 6. Not really a tip but still pretty awesome – DidierDogba
  32. Franklin’s Slow-mo ability in cars also works with/is perfect for high accuracy drive-by shootings. – Wilcows
  33. There is no insurance in gta5. In GTAOnline you can get insurance through the social club ifruit app. – WoodyHarrlesonsAgent
  34. Rob any store – Not sure if this is common knowledge, but… Whenever you walk into a store that is open for shopping, e.g. ammu-nation, clothing stores… you know what I mean. Walk all the way into the store so that the door closes behind you. Begin to walk out of the store, but stop halfway out the door so that you are holding it open with it swinging out of the store. (It won’t work if the door is opened in). This should allow you to equip a weapon. Point it at the shopkeeper, and it should let you walk into the store with your weapon drawn. If you wait until the door closes to fire, it gives you more time before the cops show up. Shoot the registers and they will pop open (the amount of shots needed depends on the firepower of your selected weapon) and a money bag will appear. My average haul is between $200-400 per bag. – Lord_Beelz
  35. There is no insurance in gta5. In GTAOnline you can get insurance through the social club ifruit app. – WoodyHarrlesonsAgent
  36. So, whatever you clothes/equipment your current character is wearing, he will show up with that during a cut scene. I’m sire you all knew this, BUT if you change characters, they will put on their default cloths, but not take off any equipment! So Mike here showed up in his suit, and scuba gear! – xxnekuxx

    click on image to enlarge

    click on image to enlarge

  37. You can steal a mountain bike down by the bottom cable car and then take it on the cable car up to the top! Riding down the mountain on a bike is insanely fun! 🙂 – Psych–
  38. Press square (PS3) at Ammu-nation for one purchase of full ammo for selected gun. – Nostromo23
  39. Player arrow will turn grey if the police are unaware of you. Just thought this would be helpful to some who didn’t know. If you switch vehicles while the wanted stars are flashing, you can tell if the police are on to you if your player arrow on the minimap is white or grey. – xeuphoriae
  40. You can hide from police in large bushes. You’ll know if the bush is big enough if your arrow on the map turns gray when you’re inside of it. – dismal626
  41. If you’re going to just go on an adventure (outside the missions) try turning off the HUD and radar. Rockstar gave me the tip during a loading screen and said why not. It turns out to make the game extremely immersive and realistic. Not knowing EXACTLY where the cops, people, things are all the time makes it intense. – BonnieRocker79
  42. Not sure if it’s been posted yet, but you can buy Los Santos Customs for $349,000 and at that customs, all future mods to your car are free. The one I’m talking about is in the countryside, near Trevor’s home. Can only be bought with Franklin. – matteog2
  43. Find a tow truck as soon as you pass by a certain mission early on and tow anything, get up to speed and activate Franklin’s ability, then take a sharp turn left or right, whatever you’re towing will probably end up in the air from the sheer gravitational force of the turn due to Frank’s ability, it’s quite hilarious to swing it around like a mobile wrecking ball. Gotta be careful though, cause the towed car can explode if you hit something with it too hard though. – Onionsteak
  44. Last night I discovered that if you go into the first person view while on a bike or a motorcycle, and then give the finger (equip unarmed then hit LB/R1), your hand comes in to view and you can ride around just flipping people off from a first person perspective. Seemed to work better on a motorcycle as the hand actually moved around and followed your camera movements. Its really stupid but equally fun. – Im_Too_High_For_This
  45. Soda machines restore health – OnyxAbyss
  46. Okay, so a couple times during side missions, I’d get to an objective, only to have nothing happen. Characters would just sit there in their vehicle, unable to move or anything. Also, occasionally waypoints don’t show up after completing one objecting. Pausing/unpausing also fixes this. -BradPhusion
  47. You may come across a side-mission(?) by a construction site. What happens is some guy in a truck is about to retire, and a giant thing of metal pipes fall on his truck. You have to get in a bulldozer and move the pipes. After you move the pipes you need to GTFO because the truck explodes. After you do all of this, keep the bulldozer and go and tip cars, buses, police cars, commercial trucks, and whatever else. Tons of fun! – czcss
  48. Don’t lose you weapons and ammo when busted by the police. Instead, shoot at the police and they will kill you instead. That way you will get your weapons and ammo back. NOTE: You will not get your body armor back and you will have to respawn.
  49. Free roaming as Franklin after the Chop mission, I decided to check out Michael’s crib. I parked in the drive and was walking toward the house when a dude in jungle panties fell out of the sky–WTF, this looks familiar, and then the camera panned up to Michael and his wife arguing on the balcony. That said, I didn’t realize Franklin could trigger Michael’s missions (“Marriage Counseling,” in this case), thereby providing an entirely different opening POV for the scene. Triggered from Michael’s POV causes Franklin to appear at his house as the mission requires but as I went there of my own volition made Franklin’s appearance all the more organic. Has anybody encountered similarly dynamic alternate POVs? – DAS4-12
  50. There is a jogging park just north of Paleto Bay (north west of map) go there and two red dots will show up on your map. Kill the two guys and save the girl there trying to bury alive take her to her friend and her father will give you 60k. – robbob360
  51. Switch weapons while driving by pressing the X (Xbox 360) or the Square (PS3) – Augitao
  52. If you plan on robbing a security van, remember that they are fully bulletproof. The best option is to shoot would two ties and go from there. – unknown
  53. Hold down the X (PS3) or the A (Xbox 360) if you need to buy a large amount of shares on the stock market. – unknown
  54. If you go onto your Rockstar social club account, go onto games to view your GTA V progress. If you click on ‘Checklist’ and scroll to the interactive map at the bottom, you can look at everything not found such as missions (freaks, random events etc.) as well as the locations of all spaceship parts. – Reagansmash1994
  55. Go to flight school as micheal and later as Franklin. You can get flight to 100 without even completing the school, and the school is very good for learning flight. You can rob those 7/11 type stores by pointing your gun at the cashier. After he hands you the bag of money (400$ usually) shoot at the 2nd casheir (like the actual box where the cash goes) and you will get 400$ more. – TODDLER_NECROPHILIA
  56. Go into the menu, settings, and then display settings. The first option will allow you to raise your camera higher while driving so you can see better (at all.) – keyman7
  57. When doing the assassination missions for lester use all your money to buy into the stock that he tells you is about to go up. Do the mission and boom i doubled my money from 315k to 750k with one mission! – zaraki93
  58. For fast travel, set a custom waypoint then call a cab. – Tykjen
  59. Theres always a health pack at home. – Tykjen
  60. Do the Lester assassinations AFTER finishing the main story line, the more $ you invest during Lester missions the better. – P3tr0
  61. Hold right on the d-pad while on foot to hail a cab. – P3tr0
  62. remote charges are a god send for robbing parked Gruppe6 armoured trucks. Lob one while driving behind one, grab and dash. – P3tr0
  63. parachutes are automatically equipped, as long as you have one in your weapons inventory you will be fine. Happy base jumping. – P3tr0
  64. hold left on the D-pad while in a vehicle, it’ll tell you what song it is in the center wheel. – P3tr0
  65. convenience stores can be robbed more than once. HOWEVER the clerk’s will be armed. – P3tr0
  66. When hiding behind cover, press the left analog stick to the direction you want to shoot to pull up a crosshair which helps you to judge where you’d be aiming/shooting if you were to decide to aim/shoot. For example: when ducking behind cover (like behind a counter), press up (if you want to shoot over the counter) to see where you’d be shooting. To use this method when taking cover behind things like corners and open doorways, you have to be as far left/right as you can go for it to work, otherwise you’d just be shifting left/right. – NunsOnFire
  67. NPC or NPC’s refers to or means Non Playable Characters
  68. Push square on ps3 / X on 360 to get full ammo for your gun in Ammunation instead of mashing the buy button. – CaNANDian
  69. You can transport a bicycle in the back of a truck. To get the bike out, do a bunny hop.
  70. If you are sneaking, (with a high enough stealth skill) you can steal cars silently without busting the windows or setting off the alarms. –
  71. Stock Tips: When buying Debonaire for one of the assassination missions, it’s a good idea to buy back Redwood stock when it hits bottom as it will return later, same as Lifeinvader stock (much later in game). – Alienwalker
  72. Stock Tips: Don’t trust the in game charts as they aren’t updated properly yet. – Alienwalker
  73. Store your money in either Ammu-nation, Fruit, Eyefinder or Facade. These seem to be pretty riskless longterm investments and I have made a nice return since launch. This way I earn money even when not playing. – Alienwalker
  74. Stock Tips: Ammu-nation should rise around October 1st to correlate with online multiplayer. Fruit, Eyefinder and Facade should continue to rise and spike for the Japan launch of GTA V (October 10th) – Alienwalker
  75. Its blocked but if you have a damaged car, you can switch characters, wait a few moments, then switch back to see the car fully repaired. It works for emergency and utility vehicles too – Milo_Million
  76. When driving the sub I found that keeping it straight and at the depth I wanted was easy when I held R2 and Square the entire time. Stopped me from hitting the bottom and surfacing. – justaguy300
  77. Don’t try to outrun or outdrive cops without an extremely fast car or plenty of juice for Franklin’s driving ability. Simply keep an eye on your mini-map and make smart movements to avoid cop cars until your wanted stars start to flash – that’s when you just duck and hide in an alley…10 seconds later the search is off. Very easy. – Blasphemy4kidz
  78. Start maxing out your stats as soon as possible. Swim underwater, use your special abilities, go to flying/driving/boating/shooting lessons etc. Having your abilities honed prior to some important jobs will give you a significant advantage in the smoothness of play. – Blasphemy4kidz
  79. In a gun fight, the best choice is to get good cover and/or vantage point. Then simply pop out of cover by aiming your weapon. It should lock to the target you want automatically. Once you get the kill, simply pop back into cover and repeat. This method is very systematic but it gets the job done cleaner and faster than spraying around without the “snapping” targeting. – Blasphemy4kidz
  80. If you want to spend money on a ride, do it for the character’s default rides. You know that car that they always see in the garage/driveway? Take it to the LS Customs and tune it up. You will have this car forever tuned since it is the default car. A lot of times a heavily-customized car will get wrecked/impounded/whatever and it does not spawn again. – Blasphemy4kidz
  81. I got 60,000 from doing one of those random events that aren’t on the map. First go to where the farther northern auto shop is and go down the road a little ways, and then off the road to the left and onto the grass before the beach area. You should see two red dots on the screen back form where you came. Go over there kill these two rednecks and untie their hostage, she asks you to take her allllll the way back to the city, once you drop her off you’ll get a phone call, and you’ll get the 60,000. – aethelmund
  82. Check out Lifeinvader website in game, you can receive discounts from stores. – unknown
  83. To quickly turn your car around, hold reverse and a direction until you’re about half way through the turn, then hold the handbrake and quickly switch your thumb stick to the opposite direction, then drive off like a boss. When you switch depends on how well the car handles, the better the car, the earlier the switch.  To turn around fast, reverse + hold left/right, halfway switch direction + handbrake. – Shadow8P
  84. Aiming / Shooting Tips:  While in cover, hold left trigger to pop out of cover. While holding the left trigger, auto aim will engage on the closest target. So hold LT, pop out, take some shots, release LT, go back behind cover. Hitting the right stick left or right will cycle targets. When you get better at combat, and can roughly estimate where your cross hair will end up without needing to see it, auto aim will engage on the target your cross hair is over. This will allow you to be selective about targets without exposing yourself to change targets. These mechanics were introduced in GTA IV and were also less refined, so they took a bit of practice to master. A tip would be to either practice these mechanics in GTA V, or if you’re not wanting to affect your stats, practice in GTA IV. If you can master the gunplay in GTA IV, there isn’t much of a change between IV and V in terms of basic mechanics so the same techniques would apply. – pagefault404
  85. Aiming / Shooting Tips:  when you auto lock on targets like that you can nudge the stick up to go for a headshot. I’m still not very good at getting them, but it does help. – biggles7268
  86. Aiming / Shooting Tips: You can fire blindly from cover just using the right trigger. Again something that can be practiced because if you know round about where your reticule will be from cover without seeing the reticule, you’ll be able to accurately hit people from blind fire without exposing yourself at all. Holding left trigger does bring up the reticule and allow for more accurate firing. Holding down the Left trigger also engages auto aim if auto aim is enabled. -pagefault404
  87. Aiming / Shooting Tips: auto-aim feature (left trigger+right trigger) – Nikoli_from_Siberia
  88. Aiming / Shooting Tips: tapping LT (Xbox 360/Xbox One) or L2 (PS3/PS4 User) assuming you’re an Xbox user) is very effective in scrolling through targets. – Nikoli_from_Siberia
  89. Tap L1 or LB to equip/unequip weapons quickly. – a_posh_trophy
  90. Pressing DOWN on the D-Pad whilst driving, displays vehicle mange and type, and current location in bottom right of HUD. – a_posh_trophy
  91. Sneaking up on someone from behind, by pressing L3 and then B/CIRCLE when near them will perform a silent stealth attack. – a_posh_trophy
  92. Gotta eat? gotta do some chores? might as well reveal the map while you’re gone. Call a taxi and have him drive you around the city. There is a small Winnebago/camper (like breaking bad) that you can stand on top of. It is just slow enough to not knock you off. Jump on top of one and let the drivers go around the city for you. – Aaronmcom
  93. Shooting range challenges: On the shotgun challenges, take a few steps back, your ammo spread will be greater and you’ll rack up a lot more +3s and +5s. – sinxsinx
  94. Wait until it’s nighttime, break into the airport (the fences are weak), then steal one of the 747s or the Learjets. If you manage to take off without the Police terminally damaging your engines, you’ll see one of the most stunning visuals you’ll ever see in a game… – Neonspinnazz
  95. You can read all of the game’s recent notifications in the pause menu. Just pause the game, select “Brief” and flip down to both “Help” and “Notifications.” Note that the option to read recent dialogue truncates the script, so if you find yourself missing what people are saying, turn on subtitles.
  96. Watch for blue dots on your mini map. These are mini missions which can provide some extra income or tips which will help you in the game later. You can get stock market tips and even get people that can join you in heists later in the game.
  97. Yoga increase the capacity of Micheal’s special. – MrDoubleE
  98. When doing a stunt jump push the right stick up or down to speed up or slow down time. – SunburntTurtle
  99. When driving around at night, flick the D-pad to the right to activate your high beams and improve visibility. I’m not 100% sure of this, but driving around with your beams on may piss off other drivers and cause them to yell at you. – Blazur
  100. The more you drive, the more your driving skill will improve. As your driving skill improves, vehicles will be easier to handle.
  101. Franklin’s driving skill is enabled by pressing on both thumbsticks. The special ability means that time will slow down while driving and you can make hairpin turns.
  102. When your in the game, put in this url in the game browser which will give a map that shows all locations for stunt jumps, fly unders and base jumps. See this image for the url.

    click on image to enlarge

    click on image to enlarge

  103. You should switch up who you try visiting people as. In other words, if you meet somebody about a mission as Michael, next time go there as Trevor or Franklin. As Kotaku points out, some of the side quest characters only give out one mission per lead character. Go back as a different character and see what might turn out differently.
  104. As Kotaku suggests, do the Dom sidequest missions! There is something juicy coming out of a mission around the character Dom.
  105. Want to know how to remove a tattoo from your character? Just go back to the tattoo parlor, highlight the tattoo you want removed and press A (Xbox 360) or X (PS3).
  106. Play 9 holes of golf and you can keep the putter and use it as a melee weapon.
  107. Even if you’re loading a save that has been previously cheated on before, you can unlock trophies/achievements with it.Tested this by using cheats and then saving/reloading, then going to unlock an easy trophy.Not sure if this is common knowledge, searched the sub and all the answers were guesses. – felpt
  108. Want to find a boat with scuba gear? Check this map. – mulishus

    click on image to enlarge

    click on image to enlarge

  109. How to avoid losing money when you die: When you die in GTA5, you lose 5% of your current character’s cash on hand, capped at a max of $5,000. But what if you have, say, $80,000 on Franklin and want to go on several rampages? The medical bills pile up.So here’s what you do. Before you do a difficult mission or plan to go on a rampage or anything else super dangerous, visit the stock market on your phone and invest everything you have into a stable stock.Do your thing. Cause chaos. Die a lot. The penalty reflects cash, not assets, so you’ll lose practically nothing when you die.When you’re done, open your phone again and sell off all your stock. No death penalty! (AtTheVioletHour) OR Just turn auto save off and go on rampages and load up your last save. (captainKRONIC92)
  110. When you’re taking a smoke break from GTA V, turn on one of the in game TVs. Michael has a projector in his living room which is pretty nice. Go up to a TV, hit RB (on 360), then press Y and you zoom in on the TV.There’s some hilarious stuff. I just watched a cartoon of a chick resting her huge boobs on a guy’s shoulder, saying she wanted him to thrust inside of her. He was picking his nose and didn’t notice what she said. Then he pulled out a huge booger with a long trail.The other channel is even funnier. – monsda
  111. Shoot out the searchlights of following helicopters and you will gain some advantage. – Tykjen
  112. Weapons, Aiming and Shooting Tips: PS3 only – Sixaxis reload. In the settings menu under motion sensor function you can enable reload to be accessed through sixaxis control. You can shake the controller or flick it to reload your weapons in game. Even more fun is to hold the controller like a pistol and kind of smack it against your hand like you’re reloading a magazine. – thegeeksmith
  113. Weapons, Aiming, and Shooting Tips: While aiming (L1 ps3 & left bumper xbox) press square (ps3) or X (xbox) while holding a direction with the stick. You’ll preform an evasive roll. Makes getting to cover a little more fun and keeps you alive a bit longer. – thegeeksmith
  114. Weapons, Aiming, and Shooting Tips: In the settings menu, under controls change the aiming to free aim. It may not be as easy at first, but it feels WAY more authentic the better you get. – thegeeksmith
  115. Weapons, Aiming, and Shooting Tips: In the settings menu, under display, change weapon target to complex. This changes the aiming reticle to a crosshair for rifles and places a circle around the pistols dot to help it not get lost on screen. – thegeeksmith
  116. Hair styles and cuts tips: Sign up for the Social Club and you get 3 unique hairstyles of all three GTA V characters. Some of these hairstyles will only be available at Bob Mulet. You can also visit different barber shops which each have some different hair styles.
  117. How to equip a jerry can: In your inventory, look for sticky bombs or grenades using the d-pad. Note: there are multiple weapon options in each category. (KradOren, -iPood-)
  118. How to be topless aka shirtless? Complete the game and all the heists outfits including underwear and shirtless options will be available. – Falloutmine
  119. If you buy the the los santos customs property, all the upgrades and automotive repairs are free!  – Sk8kink
  120. I don’t know if the characters can do it, but with Franklin (I’ve only done this in “the hood”) you find a male npc thug and without a weapon in your hand, “square up” with him by pressing your aim button. As the dude starts talking smack back, while standing still, pull your trigger finger as the guy is still talking and you will bitch slap him. – Damiuss
  121. Get away from police. Do you have a pickup truck with a boat trailer stored in a garage? If you get in a police chase, just go pick up the truck, drive to the dock, unhook the boat, and sail off into the sunset. It’s saved my ass many times. – Dvdrummer360
  122. How to drift in GTA 5: Approaching the turn have L2 slightly down, then turn, tap x and push R2 again. – jumbalayajenkins
  123. Forklifts have a weight limit on what they can lift, they can’t lift most cars. However if you put something under the car that you can lift, you’ll glitch it so that you can carry that item and the car itself.. Found this out when I was trying to put a cow on the truck, the cow was trapped under the truck and when i went to lift it the cow and the back of the truck lifted. However when i tried lifting the truck by itself it wouldn’t work. – scarface910
  124. Hold B or Circle while being chased by the police, this will show the chase from the cops bumper cam. – whats-this
  125. To increase the size of the aiming reticule, do this: settings>display>weapon target>complex – -iPood-
  126. You can simply hold [Run Button] + [Forward on L-Stick] to easily climb curved/spiral staircases. As opposed to actually turning your character while going up a curved set of stairs, it does it automatically if you just hold forward. Cool! – snipe320
  127. Hold R-DPad when getting out of the vehicle, to keep it running. – dwk001
  128. Use the moon gravity cheat to turn cars into hover crafts while on water. As in they float on water and you can slightly control them. – DevilDevine
  129. So most of us know that you can make a frontflip when you stand on an object, move and press square and then circle ( X and B on xbox, i think) Now for the backflip: get ontop of a train, run towards the back of the train and then press square and circle. Works every time for me! – Victor Vance
  130. Climb up on top of a train or a bus. Why? Get yourself up to 4 stars (To attract helicopters so you don’t accidentally shake the cops if you go through a tunnel) and go crazy. Be sure to stock up on ammo! – mitchmatch1
  131. In the settings, what is the safe zone used for? It controls where the UI elements are drawn to the screen. Like the minimap, etc. Setting the safe zone will move it closer or further away from the center of the screen. Some TVs will only draw the middle portion of the screen, and the sides/top of the image can get cut off. So this configuration can avoid that. – GrammerSnob
  132. You can rob any store with a cash register you just have to do it kind of oddly. Walk in the store, walk out but stop in the doorway so you are holding the door open (door has to be opened out toward the street, not in toward the store), pull out a gun and point it at the cashier, continue to hold left trigger and walk back into the store. I’m not sure if the cashier will give up the money like at the gas stations or not but if they don’t then just shoot the register to get the cash. –  Al_Goregasm
  133. You can go in slow motion in the cinematic view by clicking the right stick.  – NorthernWV
  134. Tip on how to heal without using any items. Switch to a different character and then switch back to the original character. Enjoy your full health.
  135. An easy way to repair your vehicle? Simple save your game then reload it. Viola! It’s fixed!
  136. If you bring up “Menu”, click Triangle/ Y once, to hide menu, you can fill in the cheat there (Invincibility for example) and it will be activated when leaving menu! You have to use the Start button to leave menu for this to work. – dipsie8
  137. Moon gravity + super jump = fun. – M_Redfield
  138. You can’t use a parachute with the skyfall cheat, but if you land vertical face first most times you will survive. – TheHumbleBadger
  139. Doing the health & armor cheat while in a car will fix any damage on the car. (Enter cheat in pause menu or you will exit the car). – Lawdyy

20 Responses to World’s Biggest GTA 5 Tips and Tricks Collection

  1. Rullis September 23, 2013 at 8:49 am #

    #27 is false. It just doesn’t work that way.

  2. Haisenberg September 23, 2013 at 11:32 am #

    TIPS ‘n’ TRICKS;
    While driving emergency vechile press horn to activate the emergency lights and NPC’s will exile.
    All the GTAV players have limited lung capacity so dont dive too deep because u get wasted!
    Last but not least, while doing missions etc, remember to have fun, ALWAYS 🙂

  3. M_Davinci September 23, 2013 at 11:41 am #

    You can do burnouts – better in the fast cars – from stationary if you hold L2 (brake/reverse) and R2 (gas) and steer left or right. If you do it long enough you will lose a rear tyre and see sparks flying from that rim any time you drive.

  4. M_Davinci September 23, 2013 at 11:47 am #

    If you rob a gas station at gun point. Any time you go back, be careful as the cashier will now have a shotgun and say “I ain’t your personal piggy bank” and will start shooting you on sight, even if you walk in with no gun equipment..etc.

  5. M_Davinci September 23, 2013 at 11:49 am #

    Most gas station have (a) a gerry can and (b) a large gas tank (usually to the side of the office or near trailers) that can be set on fire! Be careful to be at distance as the whole place goes up BIG!

  6. trmo September 23, 2013 at 11:52 am #

    on 15, take the bad gunman: as long as you pick up the bag he drops, there is less people to share the loot to, so you get bigger share.

  7. M_Davinci September 23, 2013 at 1:00 pm #

    EARLY money tip – you can pinch a taxi (hold triangle), then hit L3 to do jobs dropping people off. You get $100-$500 per trip and a great way to earn money early in the game without any heat.

  8. zerosine September 23, 2013 at 7:54 pm #

    Hail a Taxi off the Street in Real-Time:
    Press Right on the Directional-Pad to Hail Taxi’s when looking at them. Your character will do the whistle and the taxi will either keep going it has a fair already, or stop in it’s tracks for you to enter.

  9. mrbill September 23, 2013 at 9:50 pm #

    This basic tip is a must: Tap the run button to sprint.

  10. tallie bandz September 23, 2013 at 10:02 pm #

    There is a drug deal gone bad with 20k in cash in a briefcase. Right as you’re entering the Raton canyon, its four or five body’s and trucks shot to shit. A couple guys a just barely alive explaining what went bad. Kind of NO COUNTRY FOR OLE MEN type of scene, cool shitzz

  11. Mephistopheles September 24, 2013 at 10:38 pm #

    I’ve found the easiest way to lose the cops is to go offroad. If you have a helicopter on your tail, just hide under a bridge (preferably without a road so that the cars can’t get to you)

  12. Mephistopheles September 24, 2013 at 10:47 pm #

    Whilst using Michael visit the Epsilon website and complete the Epsilon Program Identity Evaluation, to open up a set of Strangers and Freaks missions (you will need about 90k incash to complete them all but you will get over 2.5mil back in the final mission [ideal for investing in goldcost before the big heist])

  13. Great Tango Addict September 30, 2013 at 9:26 pm #

    #133 you can adjust the speed of the slomo just lick in stunt jumps pushing the right analog stick up or down. The stick also gives you change to change the view.

    Im not sure if this is here already but you can jump with bicyle by pressing R1! It’s a lot of fun to jump on people and you can jump over standing people if you gain enough speed.

  14. jocko October 6, 2013 at 1:24 am #

    This list needs some serious editing.
    “#67.NPC or NPC’s refers to or means Non Playable Characters”. Gee. Thanks. Never would’ve figured that one out.
    I just want to know how to do the non-stop jerkoff taunt in multiplayer.

  15. omg its jake October 6, 2013 at 7:20 pm #

    If you go to the second hunting mission (strangers and freaks mission) as Trevor you can leave the area and it will not say go back go to the air force base and their will be no stars on you u can take what ever you want ????

  16. Joey October 9, 2013 at 5:27 am #

    Does anyone know what the flies on the little islands mean? I noticed when u go to spider train areas u can hear flies buzzing.

  17. Joey October 9, 2013 at 5:30 am #

    I meant “certain areas” u can hear flies buzzing.

  18. cherry teri October 17, 2013 at 5:20 am #

    If you are in a slow car such as a garbage truck and the cops r chasing you. Drive on the wrong side of the road on the freeway. The heavier the traffic the better. As long as you dodge cars, the cops will have a hard time dodging the on coming traffic and you can escape.

  19. T-money November 19, 2013 at 3:44 am #

    Does anyone know where to find the drug truck to rob for Trevor’s mom?

  20. Mooseybaby January 17, 2014 at 7:03 am #

    Most people probably know this already, but with the exception of the hotel assassination, which is necessary to progress the story, all of the other assassination missions can be done after completing the storyline missions.

    Even with the best possible team, the 3 main characters will still clear £32m each for the “big one”, thus the potential stock market rewards from the assassinations can be in the billions! 🙂

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