Does the PS4 and Xbox One news affect your excitement for GTA V?

If you haven’t been keeping up on the latest technology news, let me get you caught up. This fall, shortly after the release date for GTA V, the PS4 and Xbox One consoles are coming to market. I was holding out hope that in fact Rockstar was then going to follow-up with news that Grand Theft Auto 5 is going to be a release title for the new consoles but that isn’t the case. A big part of this I’m sure is the new architecture in coding games for these next generation consoles. There is no backward compatibility and I’m sure GTA V was far enough along in development that they could redo in the middle of the process.

Since we’ve been so excited about this game for so long, will it keep you content while playing on your PS3 or Xbox 360? I wonder how the shelf life will be for gamers who pickup the new console. Friends of mine a not rushing out to get the new Xbox and perhaps that’s great news for Rockstar. People may not rush out for the new consoles in large part because of the price tag and the lack of backward compatibility.

Under normal circumstances, I’m sure a game like GTA 5 could last for years. Downloadable content and cheats play a bit role in that. Should we expect more than a year with new addons coming from Rockstar or more than that? Less than that? As a company I’m sure they are plenty disappointed in how this went down. Are you going to get everything out of this game before going to the next generation of gaming consoles? Do you really think you will be playing this game a year from the release date?

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